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    Effective noise reduction in LR that preserves detail to extent achievable - How?

    Nikon D90 Gent II Level 1

      It's probably time to explore if my edits would benefit from applying noise reduction and to what extent.


      My camera IMHO, outputs too much noise even at ISO 800, a level too often needed due to my long zoom lens shooting at f8 with a tele-converter attached, being handheld and having shaky hands which requires me to shoot at higher shutter speeds.


      The above does wonders to work together to limit light coming in. Some day I'll get a tripod which will help assist but for now I have to live with it.


      Maybe LR is or is not optimal for the task of effective noise reduction to a satisfactory degree, but I'd like to explore what can be executed within the confines of Lightroom.


      Is there a general combination of settings which can be used as a reasonable starting point without destroying detail and sharpness? My goal is to find a balance which both preserves detail and reduces grain.


      What are the key couple of parameters to always include in an edit? I have LR version 5.5.2, not the cloud subscription.


      Any help or pointers offered to this new area of editing would be very appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.