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    Animate CC crashes and has big issues running on surface pro 4




      I'm an animator, and 2 weeks ago I bought the Surface Pro 4 I5 8G of ram, for the main purpose of working on 2D animation and storyboarding, using the surface pen drawing on screen.

      Working in photoshop is great no problems at all, on animateCC my main 2D animation software it's almost impossible to work for the following reasons:

      1. there's no palm rejection, so a lot of dots on the screen;

      2. several times if my hand touches the screen it undos (this bug drives me crazy!!);

      3. when working with the screen rotation tool animateCC crashes;

      4. the pen pressure is very unstable, especially when working in drawing behind mode;

      5. The the tools icon on the cursor are so small that I can hardly see them...

      Please fix these bugs or tell me how to solve thius issues, I have all the drivers updated.

      Its nerve wrecking trying to work on it.



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          srikant.r Level 1

          Hi Joao,


          We are not able to reproduce the above issues mentioned, can you please check these bugs by turning off the Flicks

          (Click on Windows icon at the bottom of your system and type Gesture-> Click on Change multi-touch gesture settings->Select Flicks tab->Uncheck "Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily" option and click on OK button)


          by setting the screen size to default i.e. 100% (If @ windows 7 user, Control Panel->Display->change the value to Smaller -100%  If @ Windows 10 user, Control Panel->Display->Set a Custom Scaling Level option->Select 100% and click on OK button)


          Let us know the driver version used in your machine?




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            Mohanaraj Adobe Employee

            Also, please note that Animate is a Wintab based app and requires WinTab drivers to detect and work with Pen Pressure & Tilt. You can also refer to the Microsoft page https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/touch-mouse-and-search/troubleshoot-surfac e-pen?os=windows-10#pressure for more information.

            Can you please check whether you have WinTab driver installed on your Surface book? If not, can you please try installing the latest WinTab driver and see if that helps?



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              joaod36764356 Level 1


              I had installed wintab drivers, and I also disabled the flicks the only thing I didnt do was the scalling, One of the way to solve the problem was disabling touch on the device manager but in a touch device that doesn't make much sense.

              I ended up returning the surface I wasn't happy with the screen size and weight of the pen, and bought the cintiq companion 2, I hadn't much time to tested it I already noticed that there's no palm rejection (I have to disable Touch), dont seem to undo when I rest my palm on the screen, but the color picker has issues either, if you open the brush color swatches and pick the color from the drawing it returns white.

              I will search more issues as let you know (I have the cintiq since yesterday).

              Notice that I have AnimateCC installed on my workstation with a wacom Intuos and works fine!