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    can Lightroom CC find and show all corrupted images?

    hhost05 Level 1

      I noticed that some images in my library are corrupt - they have blue, red, green, etc stripes all over them. I dont know how they got corrupted - e.g. faulty HDD, or something else. But is there a way for LR to find all of them so that I can get the backups and restore them? Or if LR cant do it natively, can a plugin or 3rd party program do it?

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Does LR tell you that the image is corrupt or do you just see it?

          There is actually no function that does this. It it tells you that the file is corrupt while trying to render a preview you could try this as a workaround:

          1. Select all the images you want to render previews on
          2. From the Menu call Library / Previews / Render 1:1 Previews

          Please note that this will use quite some space on your drive, depending on the quantity of images in your catalog/selected.