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    Dynamic Text w/in a movieClip

      OK, so simple test I loaded a text file on the first frame of my movie:

      LoadVariableNum("Houston.txt", 0);
      This text file begins with Houston_txt="yadda, yadda..."

      Then I created a text field: rep_txt
      this text field is dynamic, variable is vRep_txt.

      First tests with button actions work:

      on (release) {
      vRep_txt = Houston_txt;

      Now, I want to publish this movie and load it into another movieClip.

      How would I properly target the text field variable to load my text?
      I have not gotten this to work once loaded into the movieClip, and I don't feel like targeting a textField variable works:

      _root.viewer_mc.vRep_txt = Houston_txt

      Should I load my text file on the main timeline & assign _global.variables for which my buttons can assign to the textField as such:

      _root.viewer_mc.rep_txt = _global.vHoustonVariable_txt


      I'm testing like a fiend, and struggling.