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    Banner Ad designed for webpage at 728 x 90 pixels--cannot meet additional requirements of max. JPG Weight of 30kb. Any suggestions please?

    Kensington Place


      I have tried several versions of the Top of the Page Banner Ad with Adobe InDesign.  No matter what I do, I cannot seem to meet the additional ad requirements of the JPG Weight of 30kb.  The current ad is even more simple than we would like, and we would like to add a few more elements but cannot seem to solve the size issue. 


      I have looked at the other Top of the Page Banner Ads on the intended site, and most seem to be more complicated than our ad, so I do not know how they accomplishing the size requirement. 


      Adobe InDesign CC (most recent version) as:

      New Document

      Print Intent: Web

      1 page

      Page size 728 x 90 pixels

      Output selected as 72 screen resolution


      Our current, simple ad is 38 kb, saved as a JPEG


      Any help is appreciated.