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    burning problem






      I have a question that I hope You can answer.
      I bought Adobe Premiere Elements 13 to make my own movies.
      When I burn the completed film, WITHOUT chapter to a file on the computer, everything works fine.
      Bur as soon as I burn a film WITH chapter, I get problems. It states that the program is burning as usual and I get a message that everything is completed. But when I later on try to find the completed film on the computer, it is not there.


      When using Premiere Elements 10 there is no problem! I am able to burn both with and without chapter.
      So my question is simply, what is wrong? Am I making a mistake or have You received queries from other users with the same problem? If so, what needs to be done in order to burn a film with chapter? As I have paid for this program my expectations are that it should work problem free.
      I can add that I have also reinstalled the whole computer from Windows 10 to 8 to check if the problems was there, but it was not.
      Am I forced to buy Premiere Elements 14 to ensure that it will work?


      I would be grateful for a quick answer.


      Many thanks Fredrik

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's not clear: Are you burning your DVD to disc or to files on your computer?


          If you're burning your DVD files to a folder on your computer, have you ensured that there are no other files in that folder?


          Have you tried going to the General page on the Preferences (under the Edit menu on a PC) and unchecking Hardware Acceleration before you burn your DVD?