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    Dollar Photo Club $10 a month Plan did not work.

    walletfiber Level 1

      Hi There


      I am a former member of DollarPhotoClub

      We were all promised a $10 a month for 10 images plan.

      But When i clicked to subscribe it only transferred me to the original plans section(w/o discount).

      I was able to transfer my unused downloads but was not allowed to get the plan promised for some reason!

      Here is the full email:



      Dear Dollar Photo Club Member,


      After a fantastic couple of years, we are writing to let you know that Dollar Photo Club will terminate its service on April 15th, 2016.


      But there's good news!
      You are able to transfer your unused downloads to Adobe Stock, valid for a year, absolutely free.
      Any downloads not transferred before this date will expire.


      And even more for you
      We are so invested in our community; we’re offering you a unique promotion on Adobe Stock with similar conditions: $0.99 per image through an annual plan of 10 images for $9.99/month, valid for the first year.


      This offer can only be redeemed before the transfer of your unused downloads.

      Transfer my downloads

      Once your downloads are transferred, your Dollar Photo Club account will be terminated.


      Please Help!