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    zoom is reversed

    Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      I like that I can use pinch gestures to zoom the canvas, but if I wanted to use the mouse wheel alternative, it works the opposite of Photoshop and Illustrator. In those two programs you can Option-mousehweel to zoom in and out, and it honors the natural scrolling in OS X. XD has the zooming in the opposite direction, Option drag downwards scales the view smaller, instead of larger.

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi Colin,


          Thanks for your report. I'll log an issue for this.




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            CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

            Actually Colin this is by design.


            With the advent of OSX 10.7 and the default scroll direction change (to natural) many apps that interpret mouse wheel for zoom just followed suit.


            It's our opinion that what might be natural for scrolling might not be intuitive for zoom.  We sort of intentionally strayed from Photoshop and AI and went with the something more akin to the native OSX accessibility mouse zoom feature.  Other "native" OSX applications interpret mouse wheel for zoom in this manner as well.


            It seems more intuitive (or "natural") if you will to interpret scrolling the mouse wheel toward the monitor as zooming in, and scrolling it away from the monitor as zooming out.  Much as the up on the mousewheel and down on the mousewheel map most naturally to up and down in a document for scrolling.

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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Thanks for the reply. I have a similar problem with Starry Night, the desktop planetarium program. They allow natural scrolling on Windows but not in OS X, which is crazy!


              An argument is that you are mouse wheeling a virtual camera, and so pulling back the camera should make things go smaller. The beauty of natural scrolling is that you're manipulating the content, not the camera, and so you want to pull it towards you. On touch devices you pinch outwards, to make it grow, it would be strange if it shrunk. With all of OS X being based on manipulating the content (other than Starry Night), XD stands out as being wrong.


              Someone who agrees with your thinking has probably already changed system preferences to work that way, and so for them too, XD will be the only program that works the opposite way that they want.

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                CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

                Well, again we take the "viewport/camera" model like Sketch for instance. Where moving mousewheel toward the viewport implies that you are moving the camera toward the content.  Definitely see your perspective though.


                At a minimum it seems you'd at least appreciate a configuration option to flip the default behavior? 


                Thanks for starting the discussion!

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                  Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Yes, an option would be nice, but meanwhile, well done for being as bad as Sketch! Interesting though that I hadn't noticed the reversal in Sketch.


                  Flinto and MarvelApp don't have the same issue, being as you're in a browser window, and can't mousewheel zoom at all.


                  BTW, I won't be affected by this too much, I use trackpad, and can just use pinch.

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                    Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    I realized I misspoke. Starry Night zooms correctly, it's SketchUp that has it reversed, with no option to change that, except in the Windows version.

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                      If I can add to this, the first thing I did upon opening the program was hold Space to pan the camera, then hit Z to zoom in... only to learn that Z doesn't actually do anything here.


                      Can I assume that an actual magnifying glass shortcut is being added? I'm not a fan of alt+scroll to zoom, and it's especially egregious that it doesn't snap to integers when you use that technique.

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                        Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        Zooming to floating point is silky smooth, but perhaps holding the shift key could be a way to make it go to integers?

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                          Ben-Dedrick Level 1

                          I'd have to see it in motion to be sure, but I suspect that snapping wheel scroll to 1% increments (with shift maybe snapping to larger, but more common view increments) would still feel fine. Can't think of many cases where I'd want to view something at, say, 50.5% zoom.


                          That said, it's all secondary to me: what I really need is for Z and alt+Z to work just like in Photoshop!

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                            Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            All ways of working is a good thing, but with Z in Photoshop you then have to drag. I can't remember the last time I used Z, when I can Option mouse wheel while in any tool.

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                              Ben-Dedrick Level 1

                              You do not have to drag. Holding Z, clicking (however many times you want), then releasing Z zooms in to the next major increment and automatically switches back to the tool you had selected before zooming. This therefore works with any tool selected.


                              Likewise for Sketch, OmniGraffle, et al.


                              This is because I don't generally care to see things at 68.7%, 51.2%, or what have you, where subpixel rendering and antialiasing will more heavily distort what I'm seeing; I want to see 200%, 100%, 75%, 50%, etc.

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                                Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                I'm not against integers, and hate it when my designer colleagues give me something that is 123.456 pixels wide!


                                I am curious about the Z key though. In both Photoshop and Sketch I have to do a drag action to get any sort of zoom. Is it a Windows only feature to not have to click in order to zoom?


                                Oh, I just realized what you wrote. Z click does zoom ok. I tend to use Command-+ or - to do that, which also works in Photoshop and XD, and does stop off at exact integers.

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                                  Ben-Dedrick Level 1

                                  Yeah; the reason I found it easy to get used to Z+click is that it's less disruptive to the process of whatever I'm working on. I don't have to take my hand off the mouse (for a shortcut like Cmd +), I don't have to click a small UI target to get a major zoom increment (like 50%), and I don't have to change tools in any permanent way (because it changes back after I let go of Z).

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                                    Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    Sometimes I think we right handed people have an unfair advantage!

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                                      CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

                                      Hi Ben, a zoom tool (and all the associated behaviors and shortcuts) will be added for sure!

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                                        I disagree with this decision. Not only because the scroll-to-zoom directions are opposite what other desktop apps use, but also because the scroll-to-zoom directions in map software is opposite Experience Design's.


                                        For example, when using Google Maps, you scroll down to zoom out, and up to zoom in. With regards natural scrolling, I interpreted this as pulling the map toward me or pushing it away from me.

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                                          CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

                                          Apple's CTRL-mousewheel zoom is one in the same as XD's. (Settings->Accessibility->use scroll gesture with Control to Zoom).


                                          Best case scenario I suppose is to expose a simple preference as 'to each is own'.

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                                            Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                            It is true that screen zoom is incorrect. Not sure why Apple don't fix



                                            On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 4:32 PM CoreyRLucier <forums_noreply@adobe.com>

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                                              CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

                                              We have many users coming over from competing products like Sketch which also defaults to the same zoom direction, FWIW.

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                                                Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                I hadn't thought to use mousewheel in Sketch, I just pinch to zoom. But yes, command-mousewheel is opposite to normal macOS. But maybe you should match Adobe products? Animate is command-mousewheel natural scolling, and Photoshop and Illustrator are option-mousewheel natural scrolling.


                                                It doesn't really affect me, I use a trackpad, but I know from several years of convincing the SketchUp team to fix the same problem that users do seem to like either natural scrolling, or at least to have a choice (which is what the SketchUp team did in their most recent update).

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                                                  Guys i fixed the problem by resetting settings.

                                                  Edit > Preferences > General (Or simply Ctrl + K)

                                                  Press the button on the bottom right "Reset Preferences on Quit".

                                                  It will ask on dialog  select OK and restart PS.

                                                  This worked for me.

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                                                    Yes; I absolutely agree. Zooming has been a struggle for me because I am used to the "natural" convention of physically pushing/pulling the canvas toward/away from me in the same way that you move it L, R, up & down when scrolling on a trackpad or magic mouse. Every other navigation behavior has felt great, but I am having trouble getting past this. The option to change this would be great. 

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                                                      Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                      I did pester them about this at MAX. As far as I can tell XD is the only Adobe app with non-natural scrolling, and with no option to reverse that.

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                                                        Brent Blaskievich Level 1

                                                        This is a weird trend with UX programs and I think they felt compelled to copy sketch and framer. But at least provide an option to restore it to match the other Adobe apps which of course you're going to be working in concert with.


                                                        And saying "its by design" is a large catch-all for any issue that you're not willing to fix. You're basically saying tough luck - which is not an answer or solution.


                                                        There is a program called SteerMouse for mac that will let you switch directions on per app basis.

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                                                          Brent Blaskievich Level 1

                                                          Here is a configured area of steer mouse showing how you want it to look.


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                                                            I don't have a problem with the logic of using zoom in a different way than scrolling.


                                                            The problem I have, is that every other program Adobe has does zooming based on scrolling. So, when I switch applications I'm zooming out when I want to zoom in, and vice versa. At the end, I have no confidence that I'm zooming correctly.


                                                            This is a major headache.


                                                            And no, I don't want to change the way I scroll to accommodate one program. This should be a simple fix to add a toggle for the zoom direction.



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                                                              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                              At MAX the reason they gave for the scroll direction is so that it's the same as Sketch, not that a lot of XD users will be using Sketch, I mean, why would they use XD if they're using Sketch already?


                                                              That aside, here is a hilariously long list of messages from people complaining to Sketch about how the Zoom control is the reverse of what it should be:


                                                              Sketch on Twitter: "@chanhdnguyen it respects your preferences for Scroll direction. You can reverse it in System Prefer…