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    comment télécharger Creative cloud?


      Je viens de m'abonner à Adobe Creative Cloud pour 1 an (Photoshop et Lightroom)

      Les étapes de téléchargement fournies par Adobe sont très incomplètes (à moins que vous soyez un informaticien)

      Voici où le processus bloque (Imprime écran):

      Creative cloud.jpg

      J'ai besoin de connaître les étapes concrètes pour procéder au téléchargement.  Adobe n'a pas encore maitrisé la simplicité ...


      Claude Mazerolle

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          Brucgovn Adobe Community Professional

          We might need to check with Event Viewer log , however you may also try below steps once and check :


          If Installed , Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud .

          Creative Cloud Help | Uninstall the Creative Cloud desktop app



          Disable Firewall Temporarily.


          Step 1 :

          Open C:drive and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ " Common Files" \Adobe.

          Open Adobe folder and delete folders named Adobe Application Manager and OOBE.


          Step 2:


          Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe.

          Open Adobe folder and if present delete Adobe Creative Cloud folder. [**important]

          Unable to delete??? rename it to Adobe Creative Cloud-old.

          Step 3 :


          Press Windows button (located between Ctrl and Alt buttons) along with R button together at a time , you will get a run command window.

          Type in below command and hit 'Enter' key.


          Then navigate to Local>Adobe.

          Open Adobe folder and delete folders named AAMUpdater and OOBE.


          Step 4 :

          Make sure Adobe Creative Cloud is not listed under Control Panel > Program and Features. list.


          Then download and install Adobe Creative Cloud application and check.




          Still same ?? Let us know .