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    Wildcard on repeating table row and other......

    Nathan Ford

      Hi all,


      I have a form that pre populates a table from xml data.

      Dropbox - Form.pdf

      Dropbox - Data.xml


      There are a five things I need help with.


      1) What do I use for a wildcard to manipulate the rows of data [*]

          My current XML has 52 rows and I have used code for each row, I am hoping there is one code so my data can be dynamic.


      2) How do I get the form to import the data automatically from a network drive.

          Currently the user clicks the import button then navigates to the location


      3) Is it possible to use mathround to round a number based on a field value

          If the qty per carton is 2 I want the quantity ordered to round up to the nearest even number.


      4) How do I automatically set the delivery date to the current date plus one day excluding weekends


      5) Currently my email submit button doesn't work, not sure why it stopped


      Please help me with some or all of the above