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    Custom UI Kits?


      Being new to CC tools but excited to see if Xd will work for our needs, I am curious to know if there is a way to add bespoke/custom "UI Kits" to the "Start a New Design" screen, or import/link to them after initial design creation?


      We have our own set of "widget" for UI elements that are cross OS (i.e., not iOS, Android or Windows) that we'd like to use as a "palette" for all designs.

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          StoneSEO Level 1

          If you create a new project and place your UI elements on it, save it (eg. bryans-ui-template).

          Then when you create another new project, when working on this new project, you can select Open from the file menu and locate and open your bryans-ui-template. With both projects open you can copy and paste between projects.


          The bryans-ui-template can be set up with a custom sized display to enable you to have all your UI elements to hand. You can even set up multiple artboards on that project to group your UI elements into categories, naming the artboard to the specific category, eg. forms, buttons, etc.


          I am sure AdobeXD will roll out something better with the libraries over the coming months, but for now it is a usable workaround

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            David Alcala - Adobe Adobe Employee

            Support for Creative Cloud Libraries is planned.  See https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-design/kb/missing-features.html.  If there's something else you'd like to see, please vote for it (or add it) here: https://adobexd.uservoice.com