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    Calibration and Lab color readouts in Camera Raw 9.1.1.

    Joe_Caldwell Level 1

      Hello, everyone.


      I have a two part question and haven't been able to find the answers.


      Part 1:


      How can I get camera RAW to display color readouts in Lab instead of RGB values ?


      Part 2:


      I have tried both DNG Profile Editor and ColorChecker Passport app to create profiles for my camera + lighting combination. The resulting image of my color target (the smaller size ColorChecker Classic available inside the ColorChecker Passport) does not match the real life target. In other words, when I measure the different color patches on screen the values from these measurements don't come even close to those of the real life target.


      How can I calibrate and create a profile for my camera that will result in colorimetric accuracy ? In other words, I need the image of my target in ACR to display the same exact values of the target in real life.


      Any help will be very appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.