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    Proper Way to keep an DataGrid updated

      Hi Guys,
      I'm trying to determine the proper way of keeping a DataGrid or any other component updated using a webservices piece. Basically the webservices will pull an xml message list from a PHP server and i want the flex page(will be used in AIR if it makes a difference) to keep up with new messages without the entire page needing to be updated.

      I don't know if a timer would be the proper way to do this, we'll say that maybe 300-1000 users will be using the page at once and i don't want the constant connections to kill the server.

      Whats the proper way of doing this, thanks in advance!
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          ntsiii Level 3
          LCDS and BlazeDS, and perhaps WebOrb provide "push" technology.

          On the other hand, polling is much easier to implement.

          Depending on the payload, most decent servers will not have any problem responding to a reasonable request rate. You can adjust the latency/load parameters as needed.

          To keep the state of the dataGrid, ie, not re-rendering the whole thing, do not replace the dataProvider. Instead, use the dataProovider API to update only the items that have changed.