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    We want to answer YOUR questions on the Adobe Channel!

    kirker Level 4

      Hi everyone!

        We are looking for digital imaging content for future Twitch streams and we need YOUR help!


      What is Twitch?

        Twitch is a huge online video broadcasting site. It is used primarily for streaming video games but has recently gotten a lot of attention for its Creative section (heard of the Twitch Bob Ross marathon?). Adobe even has its own channel where artists from all over the world (even a few of our own Adobe Evangelists!) stream their creative processes using a multitude of platforms.

      Here's the link to the Adobe Channel --> Adobe Twitch Channel


        So, here's the fun part. Tell us what kind of digital imaging content you're interested in seeing! Secret tips and tricks? Specific workflows (say, restoring old photographs)? Interviews with the product team? We may even be able to answer your specific DI question while you join us live, on the air (Kind of like calling into a radio show).

      Brainstorm and post your ideas below.