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    We want to answer YOUR questions on the Adobe Channel!

    kirker Level 4

      Hi everyone!

        We are looking for content for future Twitch streams and we need YOUR help!


      What is Twitch?

        Twitch is a huge online video broadcasting site. It is used primarily for streaming video games but has recently gotten a lot of attention for its Creative section (heard of the Twitch Bob Ross marathon?). Adobe even has its own channel where artists from all over the world (even a few of our own Adobe Evangelists!) stream their creative processes using a multitude of platforms.

      Here's the link to the Adobe Channel --> Adobe Twitch Channel


        So, here's the fun part. Tell us what kind of content you're interested in seeing! Secret tips and tricks? Specific workflows? Interviews with the product team? We may even be able to answer your specific question while you join us live, on the air (kind of like calling into a radio show).

      Brainstorm and post your ideas below.



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would like to see some people demonstrate how powerful seemingly useless effects are when they are combined. Take Caustics and Wave World for example. Apart from each other they're fairly useless, but, when used together, you can produce some really amazing stuff!

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            In the same vein as Szalam's comments, consider this:

            In their print-based AE training series, Chris and Trish Meyer include several "Hidden Gems" -- features that are valuable, but are often overlooked.  You could put out an entire series of hidden gems.


            Then ponder just how confusing the AE user interface is!  It really hasn't changed all that for more than 20 years, yet new features somehow keep getting shoehorned in.  Some features move around on the interface from version to version.  It would be good to have explainer videos describing the logic behind the layout of the interface...  good luck with that one!

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I haven't spent any time on Twitch and don't know much about it but isn't it only live? Clicking on the link at various times during the day I just get live feeds or off the air. I'm not sure how much value a live feed has for me because my days are usually booked and my free time is precious.


              I also find much more value in edited presentations than live ones because the tend to be more to the point. There is a lot of value in a live presentation when you can ask questions and take notes. I'm not trying to be critical of the effort, just wondering how the Twitch channel is supposed to work and be valuable to the most users.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Good luck on wearing yourself out answering beginner questions all day from over-ambitious teenagers. In the end they're probably the only ones that care to even put up with it. Otherwise I'm with Rick - even doing an edited demo/ tutorial is difficult enough to make comprehensive and thorough, so what do you hope to achieve? This latest move is just another attempt of Adobe to desperately look hip and half a year down the line it will either be the ever same repetitive content or nobody cares anymore. It will be the same like with Adobe TV - before forcing it down everyone's throat by video-fying the online help system, nobody seriously watched it...