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    Color workflow in LR and PS


      I don't know what the issue is but my colors aren't showing up accurately in LR/PS. In the image below, to the naked eye the lady standing up had a red sweater, the lady sitting down had a purple suit and bright red bag. After I import my RAW files from my xt1 mirrorless camera. The sweater is more orange, the suit is blue and the purse is the color in the image below.


      1). Import RAW files in to LR. These edits are made on my PC laptop.

      2). Select Adobe Standard from the Adobe Profile list.

      3). Finish my edits in LR.

      4). Export to PS (I know its an unnecessary step, its just my preference).

      5). Save to my desktop,etc.

      6). Look at the photos on my iPad. Here's where I notice that the colors aren't the same after my edit. What I edited in LR isn't showing up (except for the purple suit). Is it a color workflow problem? I'm not sure what the deal is.