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    Will my projects exists after reinstall Premiere clip?

    Vernon Song

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          The short answer: Yes.

          The longer answer: If you uninstall first, then all projects are deleted from the device and will then sync back down when you reinstall and log into the same account. Note that assets that Clip saved to its own Apps folder will also be deleted upon uninstalling and then downloaded from the cloud after you reinstall. Clip saves assets to the Apps folder in 3 scenarios:

          1. when the project was created on another device and automatically synced across through Creative Cloud.
          2. when assets were imported from Creative Cloud.
          3. when assets were imported from Adobe Lightroom.

          To be clear, uninstalling Clip does not delete any assets from Camera Roll.


          If you simply update Clip without uninstalling/reinstalling does not touch your projects, so they'll all be ready to go immediately upon launching the new version. (Unless, that is, you haven't updated Clip since last June, when we changed Clip's whole project management system...)

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            bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

            Additionally, before you uninstall, make sure that you are connected to wifi and that your projects have synced (when things are syncing, you'll see a spinning circle. It disappears when syncing is complete. If there is an error, you will see a warning/error icon). Your projects must sync so that they can reappear in your project list when you reinstall the app.