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    Is it bug of createTOC? EXCLUDE_NUMBERS not work.




      I have tried to update toc by script. Everythings goes well, except it always pickups full paragraph text.

      I want to exclude auto number from paragraph text.

      The script is below:


      var sty = doc.tocStyles.firstItem();

      sty.numberedParagraphs = NumberedParagraphsOptions.EXCLUDE_NUMBERS;

      doc.createTOC(sty, true);


      Manually update TOC by InDesign works well but by script is not.


      With ExtendScript Toolkit, I had tried to debug and check the value of sty.numberedParagraphs it is EXCLUDE_NUMBERS.

      But when execute "createTOC", it always pickups full paragraph text (with auto number).


      Did I miss something?