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    LIghtroom physically copying photos imported to another folder and putting them in a dated folder!


      OK so I have a problem with what is happening to my photos when I import them. I go to the folder that contains the photos I want to import, and when I import them, it does NOT link to those photos in that folder.. NO it PHYSICALLY COPIES the photos, takes them to a different folder that is only supposed to be for photos of one person! It created a folder under that persons folder titled "2016" and then all of the imported photos on each day are in that days photos!!! THIS IS VERY STUPID, AND IT IS REALLY, REALLY PISSING ME OFF!!!!! Now I need to know how to fix it so it links to the FOLDER I TELL IT TO and NOT COPY THEM TO A DIFFERENT FOLDER AND WASTE HARD DRIVE SPACE!!! Raw files are huge! I want it corrected so that the NAME OF THE FOLDER I SELECT is showing up in the library and not the dates. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know how to fix this? It never used to do this and all of a sudden it started to!