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    combine search and replace with paragraph style


      Is it possible to combine search and replace as part of a paragraph style in InDesign? Or is there another way of combining the two things?

      I do a lot of repetitive text editing on templated layouts, and use paragraph styles to shortcut the work, but I can't work out how to do a simple search and replace at the same time.

      I use Grep styles but can't see how to do simple text changes, eg CLUES ACROSS to Across:

      I was used to newspaper systems where each user could string a series of commands or actions together and then identify text and change it, and apply fonts and size changes, in one press of a button.

      I'm hoping someone will tell me I'm a moron and show me how easy it is to combine styles and text changes.I don't want to do a separate Find/Replace each time, as I'm doing this hundreds of times a week.