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    How to get around Keylight's auto-correcting color?

    tammik Level 1

      I'm completely new to After Effects (just started yesterday), and am having an issue keying out the "green screen" on my footage. When I use keylight to remove the background color, the color of the foreground is distorted; my yellows turn green, purples turn blue, etc. I've read that this phenomenon is due to keylight's auto-correcting color feature. I've done this with several other clips with no color issues; this clip is the only one that's giving me trouble.


      I do NOT want to use manual color correction, because it does not restore the colors to how I want them (perhaps there's a better way to use it than how I am?), I just want an easy method to bypass the auto-correction. All of the instructions I have found for this are not written for beginners, so when they say "switchmattes", "alphas", and "branches", I have no idea what they are talking about, and resources meant to describe these are little to no help. However, I have read that you can use a "hold-out matte" to preserve the original's colors, but after you have your two layers (one keyed-out with a mask and the original) they never say what to do with them! So I am sitting here with one mis-colored, keyed-out mask, and one copy of the original footage with green screen, and no clue what to do with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!