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    Error when trying to Attach To (Lightroom) Process in WinDBG

    F-ing_Stop_That Level 1



      I'm just setting this up, and I'm following the instructions in the SDK Guide, but it's not working as expected. If I try to Attach To Process in WinDBG, and choose lightroom.exe as the process, I get an error stating that it "Could not attach to process <xxxx>, NTSTATUS 0xC00000BB. The request is not supported." <xxxx> is the process number which changes every time LR is launched.


      I have found that checking the box in WinDBG that tells it to attach non-invasively does eliminate the error, but then the debugger is unable to receive debug events from lightroom, which is pretty useless.


      It's not like there's anything complicated, here. It's just run WinDBG, run LR, attach process. But, it doesn't work. Anyone know why?