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    relative target path


      I just switched to Flash CS3 on the Mac (used to work on Flash MX for PC). When I click on the "insert target path" in the actions window, and then click on the radio button for "relative", I get what looks like a reference that begins with "this." followed by a path that looks like from the root down to the current child mc.

      If I choose the "absolute" radio button, I get pretty much the same path, except that the "this" is replaced by "_root."

      Am I just not setting preferences correctly? Is there something I'm missing.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          A relative path is based on where you are at the moment, so the term "this." is a target reference for where you currently are. An absolute path is referred from the base of the file, which is the _root level that conayins all of the content.

          In your case, it would appear that you are in the _root when you are targeting, so switching between the two will only change "this" to "_root"
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            chemFlasher Level 1
            Hi NedWeb, I'm sorry I didn't clarify. The situation I described happens whether I'm at Scene 1 or inside an mc. It happens whether I'm referring to a child of a parent mc or a child of the current mc.

            Is this a glitch in my particular software? Or am I missing a setting?
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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              You said you "get pretty much the same path", which could be a different path. It will be easier to reconcile if you provide some actual target info for both cases in the different scenarios you mention.
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                chemFlasher Level 1
                freezePoint is a mc placed within a frame in Scene 1. freezePoint has a frame in which mc called "macroView" is embedded. macroView in turn has a frame which has an mc called "particulate" and another mc called "solvent". So the insert target window would look something like this:

                In freezePoint, the playhead goes to a frame which requires macroView to move its playhead to a frame labeled "pourOut".

                Normally, I would use a relative target path like this: _this.macroView.gotoAndPlay("pourOut");

                But if I press on "insert target path" and navigate the window to macroView and click on that (with the relative radio button chosen), the suggested syntax is: this.freezePoint.macroView. If I choose absolute pathing, it gives me: _root.freezePoint.macroView . . . which is correct, but I don't want the absolute path.

                On the other hand, if I want the "particulate" mc to move the freezPoint playhead by one frame, I would normally type: _this._parent._parent.nextFrame();
                what I get instead is: this.freezePoint (with relative path) and _root.freezePoint (with absolute path)

                Worse, if I want to move a playhead of "solvent" (another mc in the same frame in macroView) from "particulate", I would normally type: this._parent.solvent.

                what I get when I navigate in the insert target path window to "solvent" from a frame in "particulate" is: this.freezePoint.macroView.solvent

                Seems to me the only difference clicking on the relative path button is to replace "_root" with "this".

                Thanks for your time so far. I really hope you (or someone here) can help me.
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                  chemFlasher Level 1
                  . . . so, am I the only one who's experienced this? :(