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    exporting foto's


      My Lightroom cannot export photos anymore in Win1o. It says it cannot find the file I send them to.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi jant ,


          Which version of Lighroom are you using?

          Where are you trying to export ?

          What is the exact error message? Post a screenshot of the error message.




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            jant15081699 Level 1


            I am using LR 3.6 which until very recently worked well in Win10.. I always export my DNG photos within my desktop to a D (data) file.

            I also tried exporting them to an extrenal harddisk.

            I am ot good at printscreens so I'll give you an impression. After asking LR to export DNG images from the Quick collection section I get an insertscreen topleft with exportresults. It says: not aal exportactions have been executed.

            - Cannot find the file

            -Items 1-100

            -Items 101-113.


            I have changed the W10 settings back to 6-3-16 before some updates but that did not help





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              Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

              This means that the Files you are trying to export are actually missing in Lightroom.

              Check that there is no " ! " sign  on the image thumbnails you are exporting .You may refer  Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders 



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                jant15081699 Level 1

                Could that be a W10 issue?

                II tried to find some previous saved Quick Collections but the result only showed empty images.

                I had the impression yhat all was not well in that respect, that W10 caused some connection problem there

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                  jant15081699 Level 1

                  You are right. All thumbnails show a questionmark which says Photo is missing..

                  Did I press a wrong button somewhere in LR?

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                    Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

                    You might have moved the images somewhere from original location.

                    If your images are located on external drive,reconnect it to your computer and find missing images following the previous link I  posted,



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                      jant15081699 Level 1



                      There is something wrong here. I used my old routine, first converting my Raw photos to DNG images in the Adobe DNG converter programme, then save these DNG images in a separate DNG file and the open LR and import these DNG images.

                      I have now moved these DNG images outside LR to another fiole with a new name and tried to import them into LR but the previous import is still there, hindering this. How do I remove the previous import images from the Catalogue?