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    Editing laptop


      I am looking for a laptop for video editing. It has to handle video editing in premiere pro, photo editing and pretty basic color corection with Speedgrade.

      The laptop should be either 13" or 15" and not too big and heavy due to traveling.


      I found this:



      Does anybody have any experience with this machine, or know if it is a good choice? Or have any other recomandations?

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          JFPhoton Level 3

          Bill Gehrke , here on this forum, and I have been using the same model Asus gaming laptop for over a year now with pretty good results.....the G750JW.  The new machines, like the one you listed , are now coming out with some amazing hardware in them. That ' Zenbook' ALMOST looks like it would work, but, with PPro, there are also beefier gaming laptops that might do better. The Zenbook only has 16GB of system memory......Bill and I upgraded ours to 24GB.....many laptops today have 32GB of system memory. 16 is a little thin for PPro, which can now use more memory, especially with 4K. The other thing is that the GPU only has 2 GB of video memory. Bill and I ALSO have GPUs with only 2 GB of video memory, but, performance with 4K is limited by that. It would be BETTER to find a laptop that has at least 4 or 6 GB of video memory with a 9xx serries NVidia GPU.


          The internal storage system appears to be 4 separate 128 GB SSDs combined in a RAID 0 to make 512 GB total.....which is awful small capacity, by today's standards for video editing. The CPU is fine.


          No matter WHAT....your laptop has to be plugged in while video editing......the CPU will throttle on battery.


          I would advise a beefier Asus gaming laptop...the Zenbook is a little to "light" for video editing....although it would work. I believe that you can get much better performance for the same money choosing a different machine.

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            ragnhildh Level 1

            Thank you!

            If I will only edit in full HD, not 4K, would 2gb of video memory be enough?

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Yes though you want 4GB of Vram if and when you move to 4K.