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    Installed ppapi version but Chrome not showing latest


      I have installed the standalone version for ppapi  When I launch Google Chrome and go to the flash test site from Adobe, it says that is still installed on the system.  Thoughts on how/why this is not updating?

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          Kratika Agarwal Adobe Employee



          Have you updated chrome browser to latest. Flash player comes embedded with chrome. When you update the browser to latest chrome 49, it will have flash player

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            maria__ Adobe Employee


            Google embeds Flash Player in Chrome and only uses the embedded version (unless specified, via command-line argument to use a different version), so there is no need to install Flash Player for Chrome separately.  The PPAPI installers provided are for Chromium-based browsers, such as Opera, that do not embed Flash Player.


            For the release, Google released the update as a component update instead of a full Chrome update.  It's possible your version of Chrome hasn't been updated, or something went awry with the update (I've seen this happen when Google released Flash Player as a component update).  Please do the following:


            1. Launch Chrome and navigate to chrome://components
            2. When the components page displays, look for the pepper_flash entry
              • If it shows Version:, click the Check for update button to update to
              • If it shows Version:, the latest version is installed, but for some reason Chrome is using instead of  In this case I would recommend uninstalling Chrome and re-installing it.