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    Missing Audio When Converting to DV File Type in Streamclip


      Hello All,

      Thank you in advance for your help.


      I'd like to ask your advice about converting the VOB files to a file type that I can edit with Adobe Premier Elements v13 software:

      My goal is to use a file type that will provide the best video quality while also being efficient to edit.  I am using "MPEG Streamclip", and when I convert to the "DV" file type I loose the audio completely.  When I convert to "MPEG with MPEG2 audio" the audio is OK but my understanding is that this file type will be less efficient to edit.


      Do you know why I'm loosing the audio when converting to the "DV" file type?

      How can I get the file converted to the recommended DV file type with the audio kept intact?


      Thank you,