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    Where is DeHaze in LR 6.4

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      I have LR 6.4, I've been a user since Ver3 and have always updated when new versions arrive of this rather fantastic program.


      However I have just seen some tutorials about DeHaze slider in the effects drop down...


      Well they do not seem to exist in my version. Anyone else got this problem?


      Windows 7, Pro, 8Gig Ram, To best of my knowledge all updates done.

      Regards Kevin

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          It does not exist in your version.  It only exists in the CC version.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Because that feature is not part of Lightroom 6. It is a feature that was added after Lightroom 6 was released, so it is currently only available in Lightroom CC. When/if Lightroom 7 is eventually released as a standalone product, you will be able to purchase the upgrade and it will probably have the dehaze filter as well as other features that are being added to Lightroom CC. Lightroom 6 will receive periodic updates that will provide support for additional cameras, but it will not receive any new features.

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              Hi whsprague and JimHess,


              Thanks for the replies. OH is all I can say that's a shame. I had not realised there was a difference between 6 and CC I thought actually CC was an alternative name for 6. Ah well. Live and learn.

              Thanks for the reply.


              As a mater of interest I thought 6 only came out late last year. I'll have to have a look for what's what I'm assuming CC is Cloud Computing (based)?


              Don't like this Cloud, can't get at it in some places I go there is not Internet....




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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Lightroom CC is part of the creative cloud plan. However, it seems to be a widely misunderstood concept that that means you are using cloud-based software. That isn't the case at all. The creative cloud photography plan costs $9.99/month in the US. When you decide to subscribe, Lightroom and Photoshop are both downloaded and installed locally on your computer. All computing is done locally. The creative cloud is a system of update delivery and verification that your account is paid current. The benefits to the creative cloud package is that there will be periodic feature updates. There have been a number of feature additions to Lightroom CC. When Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 were first released, the features were identical except for the fact that Lightroom 6 does not include Lightroom Mobile. Those who purchase Lightroom 6 purchase the feature set that was initially offered. As time goes on, Lightroom CC has received new features. Those who purchased Lightroom 6 will have to wait for the next paid upgrade in order to receive those new features.

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                  Hi Jim,

                  Thanks for the fuller explanation. All noted.

                  I probably won't be getting CC, it's a $9.99 commitment each month, but in UK it's probably going to be more here software always seems to be your dollar=our pound no exchange rate involved.

                  Since I retired the flow of cash in is considerably less than it was  when I worked and the additional costs can't be justified, so obviously I have to have only updates when I can afford them.

                  Way of the world eh! I have to admit, I like to buy software not rent it.


                  Thanks for the input, I'm not alone in this ' not liking subscription software' idea I know a few already who have ditched MS for similar reason.s


                  OK end of


                  Regards Kevin

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I'm sure you realize that you never really purchase software. You purchase a license to use that version of the software indefinitely. But that means that when the company updates the software and adds new features those kinds of updates are not part of the license you purchased. So it's it's sort of like purchasing a car. When you purchase the car you might have all the latest features. But as new models are produced with new features suddenly the car you purchased isn't quite as up to date.


                    As you can probably tell, I am very much in favor of the creative cloud plan. When you consider the cost of upgrading, the photography package is only marginally more costly. I'm retired as well, and find it easier to budget the monthly subscription fee than it is to come up with the cost of an upgrade. Plus, with the photography plan Photoshop is included. But I believe you are in the majority. It seems that most of the problems that are discussed on the forum are centered around Lightroom 6. At least that is the perception I have. If you are comfortable with Lightroom 6, there certainly is nothing wrong with the program as far as I can see. I just have been very pleased with how smoothly the creative cloud plan functions.

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                      Hi Jim

                      once again all noted. What happens when you no longer wish to pay monthly, do you have a license which exists to the point of your last update which  you can use for the rest of either your own life or that of the hardware GRIN...

                      Or does it just cease to function after you stop paying....... don't like that idea at all.



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                        dj_paige Level 9

                        When Lightroom CC license expires (because you have stopped paying for it), you can still use the Library Module to find your photos using the tools in the Library Module and to export or print any or all of your photos, as well as you can still access your books and web pages. You cannot use the develop module or map module. What happens to Lightroom after my membership ends?

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                          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          If I ever did decide to drop the creative cloud, I would simply purchase an upgrade version of the current Lightroom at that time. I have Lightroom 5, so I can purchase an upgrade and install it and just continue. It will be business as usual. I also have Photoshop CS6 that I can reinstall to go along with the standalone Lightroom.

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                            Hi Jim

                            After reading the link given above by dj Paige I think the shareholders must be laughing their socks off. Guarenteed incomes and fully forcastable. whopeee..


                            Not for me at my time of life, all the youngsters who have to have it all can pay Hope they all use spread sheets and can look back at what they spent on keeping it going only to have an incomplet package at the end of it all..


                            Just my views, I was at a meeting probably about 12 years ago now when I ws a software consultant and saw it from a company side of things. But who am I to buck trends just an old f*rt looking back at what was the best times. eh!


                            Enough of this, we seem to have gone off the original DeHaze topic by a long way...


                            EOS (End of Storey) and my favourite camera

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                              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              That is fine. You and I definitely have differing opinions. Neither one of us is right. Neither one of us is wrong. It's all relative to our circumstances and how we perceive the situation. I'm sure you will enjoy Lightroom 6. It is a very good program. It's the same program I'm using, just short a few features. I thought I was happy with Lightroom 5. It does a good job as well. So it all becomes a matter of what we've become accustomed to using. I really wasn't trying to sell you on the creative cloud plan, but rather simply sharing a different perspective.

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                                whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                                Printing A5 Glossy wrote:




                                Enough of this, we seem to have gone off the original DeHaze topic by a long way...


                                Another retired guy here.  Back to the subject...  At this stage too many of my images are shot between the golden hours.  Getting up too early and going to bed to late have become abnormal.  DeHaze in my images is almost alone worth the $10 every month.

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                                  I read an article in PhotoPlus Canon magazine on using the Dehaze in Lightroom 6. I thought this looked very useful tool so I purchased LR6. I don't edit my photos very frequently and go months before I have one I want to improve, so a subscription to CC is of no interest and I buy standalone products. When I installed LR6 I couldn't find the Dehaze tool as demonstrated in the magazine. I now know why. Adobe must be the only software company that only updates one version of the same product. LR5 did everything I wanted so buying LR6 has been a waste of money since the Dehaze tool was what I wanted LR6 for. I stopped using Photoshop when Adobe went CC and now it looks like after LR6 I won't be ungrading again as Adobe doesn't treat all it's clients equally.


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                                    dj_paige Level 9

                                    So PhotoPlus Canon magazine said something that was incorrect, and you're mad at Adobe (who never once said that Lightroom 6 has Dehaze, and has made it very clear that Lightroom 6 does NOT have Dehaze)? I don't get it.