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    InDesign punctuation glitch

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      I have the probably well-know problem of punctuation "glitching" to the left of my paragraph. I went through all the info i could on the internet, but nothing is working.


      Here's my case:


      I had InDesign CC installed with Arabian Preferences bc I worked with Farsi. The reason I did this is because I kept running into the inverted punctuation problem in Farsi. After the reinstall, everything worked fine for Farsi, i.e. punctuation on the left of the paragraph.


      Now, I don't work with Farsi anymore, and want to turn everything to English preferences. I uninstalled InD CC, picked English as the standard and reinstalled InD. I also deleted Preferences and SavedData to purge any possible leftovers.

      To begin with, everything still behaved as if I was using Arabian settings. I made new preferences (while no doc was opened, closed InD, started it up again....) Since I didn't have that much time, I thought I could just set the type manually and deal with the root problem later. But no such luck. I set everything (including language, in both the preference file and the character panel) to English. Nope, still my reading direction is right to left. Now in AI I have a button to switch between the two, in InD I cannot find it at all.


      1) Can I get this handy button to show up in InD? I will have use for it in the future for sure.


      2) How can I really switch back to English settings? Beyong uninstalling & reinstalling & purging the prefs again I don't know what to try next.


      All help is very much appreciated!