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    Adobe 11 is only saving as images, not actual PDF form

    IT Keith

      Hello all,


      I'm Keith, our IT admin. We recently upgraded a user to a new computer, and a new version of adobe (went from X to XI). Now when she saves PDF's, they are extremely large in size compared to how her old computer exported them. Our vendors are claiming they cannot extract any data from them, because they appear to be just PDF images (the PDF's are about 60ish pages in length). The old computer would compress them into about a 400kb file, and the new computer compresses them into 6-20MB and the vendors are not able to extract information from the pdf's the new computer extracts. We've gone through literally every single preferences, advanced, options etc page on each computer and compared settings with no luck. This is somewhat high priority for us since she exports most of our paystubs to our entire company (hundreds of employees).


      Will await your replies!



      IT Support