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    Adobe Individual vs Business License for 1 person

    jsimpson71 Level 1

      I had a call from Adobe today trying to convince me that I'm on the wrong license for my Creative Cloud subscription. As typical fashion, the person who called me had less than stellar English skills so communication was a bit of a challenge.


      This person who called me claimed to be doing a license audit and believed that I should be using a Business License instead of an Individual license. Personally I feel like this is a cash grab and I flat out refused him stating that if Adobe was going to try to change my license I'd have to find alternative software as the Business pricing just doesn't make sense to me.


      So, to keep things fair, I'm going to explain my current situation to hopefully get some insight on whether I should be switching licenses or not as everything I have read indicates I'm not doing anything wrong.


      I own a small business where the only staff are myself and my wife. My business is software consulting where I write software for different hospitals around the US and Canada. I am the only person who uses my Creative Cloud license and I use it for the following purposes:


      • I create PDF files with Acrobat (usually converting Word documents or signing documents)
      • I sometimes use Photoshop to modify screen shots of applications to send to a client. These modifications are basic things like adding labels and arrows.
      • I may use Dreamweaver from time-to-time to test out different web programming techniques or to work on my business website.
      • I use some of the Adobe video software to splice together videos of my kids and add some fun special effects.


      So my question and concerns are, if I should be using the business license to do anything work related in the Adobe products, what good is the Individual license as it clearly would only serve as a very expensive toy?


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated. This call from Adobe today has me quite angry as over the past 12 years I've spent well over $7,000 on these products and as much as I like the tools I'm not willing to be hosed over like this.