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    problems with grouping items


      I am working in a document in InDesign CC2015 that has many tables. I've done this for years with no problem but now I have a table (created with tabs because I like to have more control than the tables feature offers) that is giving me problems. In the past, I set the text elements up as I want them using paragraph rules where needed. In some places, I need to just underline specific areas so I use the line tool for those. Once it is complete, I group all elements. Some of my tables need to be rotated into landscape orientation and this is where I'm having issues. InDesign CC tells me that the items are grouped (i.e., Ungroup is an option) BUT when I rotate it, it doesn't take the lines drawn with the line tool. I've also noticed that the outline does not become dashed like it usually does when the grouped items are selected. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know why your grouping isn't working, but have your tried using a character underline instead of the line tool for your specific underlines? You can get a lot of control over the look with underline options, and it will stay with its intended text.


          Screenshot 2016-03-15 14.34.25.png

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            mmilus Level 1

            I've attached a screen shot of what I am doing. I've looked at character underline but have found the control I get with lines is better. (The table on the right has not been formatted yet.) I re-started InDesign and it has, at least temporarily, resolved itself. I would still like to know WHY it's doing this so I can avoid it in the future. Thanks for helping.

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