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    Simple questions from someone who knows Flash, Edge Animate and Animate CC

    matthewdee Level 1

      Ok I have a new animation project I have to do, normally I would do this in EDGE Animate CC 2015, but I'm a CC member and downloaded Adobe Animate CC and had a few questions.


      Opening the app I see it is basically Flash ( which I know and thats good) so my first question would be:

      Should I design my animation ( the only way is to do it like I was in Flash, motion tweens etc) and once the file is done export it to HTML5 Canvas?


      The animation needs to be responsive in HTML5


      What would be the benefit  to do this in  Adobe Animate CC rather than Adobe Edge?


      One reason is I'm used to the interface of Edge but missed doing animations in Flash and I do not see any video tutes of essentials like responsive and outputs as I see that Adobe Animate CC outputs to Web GL and HTML5 Canvas while Edge outputs to straight HTML5 .


      Any thoughts?