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    Action vs. Individual files - Flatten Annotation & Form fields


      I've got a batch of files that were provided to me by a client.  For various reasons, I need them combined into one, multi-page file that allows me to add a footer.  These files all contain form fields that when merged into one file get lost.  Combining them as a package has other complications (can't add footers, etc.).  I've tried to create an action that contains a preflight process to flatten annotation & form fields but it errors out because the document restricts some DC features to allow for extended features on Acrobat Reader. 


      However, if I run preflight as individual files and save them out individually, it works fine.  I'd be willing to do this, but I've got over a hundred files to process on a weekly basis. 


      Why does the file error out when processed as an action, but executes fine when processed individually?