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    best specs for video edititng

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      Hi i just found out my pc will not be able to run adobe premiere pro so i wanted to know what is best speced computer to handle the adobe premiere pro i want the highest specs on a computer to run adobe premiere pro and the minumem specs to run adobe premiere pro without hiccups in the system if you could reccomend which computer would be best to run adobe premiere pro that would be great im willing to spend £1700. show me 2 computers which will be able to handle it and 2 custom pc builds and what the cost will be thanks.

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          Very good reply.  The sites give very good info. Rasool_0000, I do want to put my two cents in on this request.  Video & Audio capture, editing and exporting is learned with time.  Don't overestimate your ability, but instead embrace it.  Here are some guidelines for you, and I will let you choose what fits.  BTW: I am writing to you while I export on Pr.  Cannot do too much else because the exporting is using most of my processor and I don't want to slow it down.


          1) Under buying (a computer without enough ability) will lead to frustration and slow results

          2) Over buying (a computer with more power than you need) gives great results at the expense of paying too much.

          3) Buying a computer that matches your ability at the time and a little into the future is the sweet spot.  Remember, if you purchase wisely, then start to save for a future replacement that can match your ability and drive at that time.  Also your older computer will still be able to do most of the task very well and do use it along with a newer computer then.

          4) A good i7 with at Good video card will work very well.  Perhaps think of SSD drives and lots of backup external drive too. 

          5) Well this depends on you, but have a place to do this work if possible, not home.  While comfy, it can be rather distracting.  Plus, sometime you just want to get away.


          I here the CPU coolers ramping down which means the export in completed.  Now on to step two.


          PS: also learn about intermediate codec's