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    Adobe Animate issues

    mola2alex Level 1

      I have had a few issues since updating to Animate. 


      1. On my Mac, all of a sudden Flash CC disappeared and was replaced with a question mark over the icon in the dock where it sat next to Animate while I tried it out.  Somehow this got removed, not by me.  How can I get it back?  I don't see anywhere to download Flash Pro CC.


      2. Animate does not allow compiling in AIR SDK version 19, minimum is 20.  Why?  Second, it makes #1 above more important because many ANE's I have won't work with AIR 20 right now so I am stuck not being able to update my app, add a feature or fix a bug.


      3. Animate crashes like crazy. In my FLA, I try to edit the Tint of some objects on the stage and every 2 or so I edit causes a crash.  I am basically unable to edit my UI right now with Animate.


      I am using a mac and my experience with the upgrade has not been a very good one so far.  Any help would be appreciated.