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    Get clip position in sequence?


      Hi everyone,


      I'm writing a script to export all the individual clips in my sequences as individual videos.

      I have the PProPanel example and have ESTK up and running nicely.

      I can iterate through all the tracks and clips in a sequence no problem.

      I was thinking of simply setting the Sequence In/Out to the beginning of each clip,

      and then calling render() (as in the PProPanel) .

      The following script works, except clip.start and clip.end are relative to the clip source media, not the sequence.

      So how to retrieve the start and end of a clip relative to the sequence?

      (p.s. before anyone suggests a manual way of exporting clips individually, note that I have to export around 6000 clips)

      Any help appreciated, MM

      function ExportClipsInSequence(sequence)


        if (!sequence) return;


        var videoTracks = sequence.videoTracks;


        for (var trackIndex = 0; trackIndex < videoTracks.numTracks; trackIndex++)


            var track = videoTracks[trackIndex];

            var clips = track.clips;

            for (var c = 0; c < clips.numTracks; c++)


        var clip = clips[c];







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