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    Mass link changing?


      I was wondering if anyone can guide me on how I can change one link such that all other links change to point to the similar address?

      In my website, I have a section on the right ("Featured Photos") and the links have to be constantly changed, up to now I have still been changing every single site manually, and I was wondering if there was any quicker way where I can change one link such that the other pages follow and point to the similar address.

      Please see:

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          how many total pages is this Featured Pages section used in?

          if under 50 or so, using a dreamweaver Library Item would work fine.

          quick steps-
          Open the index page.
          click the mouse in the featured pages section.
          Use the quick tag selector (bottom left margin of design window) to select
          the desired tag. You'd want to select the <table> tag for that section.

          Then use the menu Modify-->Library items-->Add object to library
          Now go into the Files panel and rename this new Library item if desired,
          before you use it in any pages.

          now go page to page, repeating the selection process, deleting the existing
          table, and dragging in the library item from the Files panel.

          when done- You can then change the photos/links in the .lbi library file,
          and it will update all the local files that use that library item. you'll
          have to upload all the changed pages.

          see the f1 help for more info.