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    external swf loader probs

      HI, we have a situation which has done our heads in for two days non-stop,

      We have a pre-loader loading the area's and then have the loadmovienum to load in additional swf's now when we use the nav bar at the top of the page, it opens the right file but when it loads the page it moves onto the next load movie for some reason with out stopping, even though the stop command is in place....

      We have uploaded the dodgy version which you can test and see what problems we are having, the contact page is the same as the service page for the moment, but you will see the contact page display the "cloned" service page then it restarts the whole movie

      Here are the URL's to the zip file with all the swf's and fla's including the live what we have done so far online version.


      The above live file, click on the navigation for example the portfolio page, wait and watch it auto moves onto the next movie even though there is a stop command in there ???


      Please reply asap thanks