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    Script testing for Point vs Paragraph text and conversion

    timmysmuckers Level 1

      OK, so i've been beating my head against a wall here for a few days trying to figure out this script. I've come pretty far with it at this point but still a few things I need to work out. I've got the text size conditional worked out  with some help. I've got some good ideas to work out add in some details when my text layers have multiple lines. However, I've noticed my script results differ when I start out with Point vs Paragraph text.


      I figure that the best way to combat this is to convert all text to Paragraph text but want to revert text layers that start as Point text back to Point text.


      Any ideas?


      I've been trying different variations of this:


      var doc = activeDocument 

      var lay = doc.activeLayer

      var textSize = lay.textItem.size

      var textlayer = doc.activeLayer

      var textHeight = textlayer.bounds[3]-textlayer.bounds[1]

      var textWidth = textlayer.bounds[2]-textlayer.bounds[0]

      var ogTextType = lay.textItem.kind;

      textType = paragraphText;


      // Additional Scripting



      lay.textType = ogTextType;