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    Lost all my pictures in Adobe ideas! How can i get it back?





      All my pictures in Adobe ideas are gone! It's really a big crisis! I hope you can help me with this!



      I have a new iPhone 6s, and a iPad thees two divices would not synchronize the pictures, so i had different pictures on the divices.



      I have two accounts, the first one was

      <Removed by Moderator>

      When i was buying creative cloud something happend, and them told me that i had to make a new account.

      I made this one: <Removed by Moderator>

      And it was ok.

      I also changed my account in Adobe ideas.

      (This is over 1 year ago)



      Last time i was in Adobe ideas all my pictures was gone.

      I really hope it's not gone forever, and that you can help me with this.


      I Also have this problem with Adobe draw.



      Best regards

      Thomas Andresen