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    How do I export as one HTML5 file only?

    Kevin Spyder

      Hi there,

      I created a very simple animation for a client a few years back in Flash Pro that was used as a header on their site. That was removed a long time ago and they now want it back. I opened up that old file in the new Animate CC and I am trying to figure out how to export the file as one HTML5 file. Everything I've tried includes an additional Javascript file. Flash Pro allowed me to add the Google Swiffy extension so I could go to the Command menu and export as an HTML5 file (I did this when I created banner ads in Flash Pro as well), but I just checked the Google Swiffy page and it mentions that Swiffy cannot be used as an extension with Creative Cloud. So for now I had to export the file as a .swf file from Animate, then uploaded that to the Google Swiffy page, and it converted it to an HTML5 file for me, and it works as it should. So my question is: is there a simple way to export very simple Animate files (like banner ads as well) as HTML5 files only? And will Animate allow the Google Swiffy extension anytime soon? I can do the workaround for now but it would be nice. I haven't used Flash/Animate in a long time as well so I may be missing something very simple here! Thank you.