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    .prel files to DVD


      how do I combine multiple .prel files into 1 dvd

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you want to add several movies to a DVD and have each movie accessible as a separate feature from a movie menu, add the movies, one after another, to the timeline. Add a stop marker to the end of the first movie and a main menu marker at the beginning of the next.


          The first movie will play when your viewer selects Play Movie from the main menu. Then the viewer will return to the main menu. To play the second "bonus" feature, the viewer will click the second link (whatever you name it) on the main menu.


          Using this method, Premiere Elements' Movie Menus allow you to include both a main feature and a bonus feature. However, it's only possible to have these two movies available as separate features from a movie menu.


          To combine more features and have separate links from each, you"ll need to use a dedicated third-party DVD authoring program like DVD Architect Studio.