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    Speed Up Renders CC15.2


      Okay, so here's the issue. Ever since AE dropped the render multiple frames simultaneously and which dropped support for BGRender, I'm trying to figure what's the best way to take advantage of my computer to speed up renders.


      Over the last 6 months or so, [CC15 + 15.2] I've not managed to get any core utilisation above 30%, RAM usage is at 75% [12GB/16GB as set in preferences for AE to use] and graphics card is hardly getting used. I understand certain plugins use openGL + GPU for renders [Element3D?] - but for classic renders, how do I get AE to use more than 30% of my CPU [even if it's only on one core?] - OR is it only using RAM for renders right now and the only way to speed up is to add in BUNCH of more RAM?


      System Config.

      AMD 8320 4.0Ghz OC 8 Cores

      16 GB DDr3 RAM

      nVidia GTX 960 4GB DDR5