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    Overall look and feel


      Firstly, I would like to congratulate the XD team for finally releasing a preview. So far, it certainly is impressive and really exciting to see a proper tool for UX design from



      While I do believe that taking inspiration is great, I feel as though a lot has been taken from Sketch as far as looks. While this is great, I do prefer the darker themes that adobe applications

      are known for (ie. Photoshop & Illustrator).


      Is there going to be a more a dark theme or Adobe UI DNA for this XD application?


      TBH, I am tired of the look and feel of Sketch and was looking forward to something more "Adobe" since moving away from PS and Illustrator for most of my work.

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          Double this!

          I even started using Affinity Designer for doing UI design just because of their dark UI allthough it feels like going back to photoshop which isn't what i want for UI work also it isn't working nicely for pixels perfect work since there are pretty significant pixel aligning and snapping problems.

          I feel the Sketch UI is far to cluttered and distracting.


          By now Adobe XD is starting to become really usefull for my daily design work and i really like the pace the updates are going (faster is always better though ). Also i must admit that i really didnt believe in it at first when i tried the first few beta's and started to think Sketch was the only way forward but thats turning around now and i am really digging the minimal UI, just want it dark!


          Thanks for reading!

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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Thanks for trying out XD!


            If you're interested in dark theme, upvote this story in UserVoice: Dark Interface (overall UI including side panels) – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs





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