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    font embedding problems in ID CS6 on mac 10.9.5


      Hi, I'm learning (no really!) ID for ePub conversion by trial and error, learn-as-you-go and make-every-mistake-along-the-way.

      Why does ePubCheck tell me that the fonts I'm using aren't kosher:

      WARNING: /Users/chelleshel/Desktop/JOE_Txt_PreviewTest.epub: resource OEBPS/font/BradleyHandITC.TTF cannot be decrypted

      WARNING: /Users/chelleshel/Desktop/JOE_Txt_PreviewTest.epub: resource OEBPS/font/ChaparralPro-Bold.otf cannot be decrypted

      WARNING: /Users/chelleshel/Desktop/JOE_Txt_PreviewTest.epub: resource OEBPS/font/WarnockPro-It.otf cannot be decrypted

      WARNING: /Users/chelleshel/Desktop/JOE_Txt_PreviewTest.epub: resource OEBPS/font/WarnockPro-Regular.otf cannot be decrypted

      WARNING: /Users/chelleshel/Desktop/JOE_Txt_PreviewTest.epub: resource OEBPS/font/WarnockPro-Semibold.otf cannot be decrypted


      I have placed the com.apple.ibooks.display-options.xml file as I learned on Lynda.com. I have the embedded fonts thingie checked on the export window. The fonts show up on some of my readers and not others. But I really just care about passing ePubCheck for ePublishing purposes. All my work so far has just been done in ID, not html or css yet. Do I really need to hire someone to teach me this, or is it learnable?