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    xtra for sound output of director movie

    Swami Hafiz Level 1
      Dear all,
      I have developed a director movie 10 years ago, which mixes various soundfiles into a continous sound which could be listened to and which at that time was to be recorded by a tape recorder connected to the computer.
      Now I am asked how one could save the output of my director movie into a soundfile; .wav, .aif or .mp3 - so that one is able to bring it onto a CD-ROM.
      Do you know an XTRA for that?
      At the moment I am giving advice to use the "N°23 Recorder" - nicely working but a little too much trouble for my customers. (Only one or two a month - which means I can't put too much money and work into the old project.)

      Any advice is welcome

      Yours sincerely

      Moritz Boerner