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    time warp cuts off video

    williamh28333347 Level 1

      Hi - New CC 2015 user - I've seen similar posts, but apparently this is a tricky one.


      I have a bunch of 24p raw video footage shot with a Canon 5D Mk III with a shutter speed of around 320 (I'm just going to pretend someone handed me all this footage. Don't ask. lol)


      The shots are crisp and gorgeous, but when the image sequences are played, they look as bad as you would guess they would. Strobe-y and strange. Almost sped up.


      I'd love to restore the filmic look to these videos that was intended, and some people have had luck with motion blur and time warp tricks.


      One of the first plugins I tried was simply time warp, with its own internal motion blur added, and I think we can live with this if I never get it better.


      The problem is, if I were to set time warp to, say 50% speed, I would expect my clip to double in playback length, since it's playing back half as long. As many people have pointed out, it doesn't do this by default. Instead, I just lose the second half of my video footage entirely, so the clip length can be preserved.


      I created a pre-comp copy, as instructed to do in another thread, and after time-warping the pre-comp, I'm in the exact same position. According to instructions, I should be able to drag/expand the clip out to the new length, but this is not available.


      Instead, no matter what I try, critical seconds of each clip are not retrievable once time warp is applied.


      What am I doing wrong? Why wouldn't time-warp have an option like "clip length is relative to time warp speed setting" or something like that?


      Do I have any other option to try? The CC motion blur on it's own was not really fixing my shutter issue. Time Warp really seems like the answer if I can preserve these full clips during "warp".


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you.