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      How do you include an external file (swf) which is at a later stage of the movie call inside the master movie into the preloading porsess of the master file?

      Is it possible and how?

      at some stage i call and external video clip... can i avoid doing it inside the external SWF?

      thx and
      kind regrads V.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you reference the target (into which the external swf loads) movieclip in the preloader code to display preloader info about the external swf.

          however, if you want to include this in the loading of the _level0 (master) swf, you should add the external swf to your _level0 swf, either in the library and attach it latter when needed or drag it to the _level0 timeline when needed. it will then download with the _level0 swf.