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    Why can't I export photos to PScc from my collections folder even though there is no '?' showing the files are missing?


      I'm new to LR. I dropped 165 photos into a collection, developed a bunch of them in LR and now wish to export some to PS 2015cc but when I try to right click to open one into PS it's greyed out as a disallowed function. There is no '?' to indicate the files are missing. I have located the original files on my hard drive and they are still there.  I have no problem exporting images from Navigator or from the other files in Collections. I did notice that these 165 photos cannot be found in LR in Navigator in their original file as on the hard drive ( not sure if that is normal once a photos is added to a collection). I tried syncing the file on the hard drive in Navigator but it shows no photos to move. I don't remember how I originally put the first photos into this collection but am now wondering if I set it up wrong in the first place, but I can't move any of them out of this collection file without this pooping up "All files you selected are missing. No files can be moved". I have watched numerous videos and read lots and lots of tutorials and nothing solves this dilemma. I can't solve this problem on my own, any help would be appreciated!